Women’s Day!!!

Gayatri's maid came a lot early today, around 6.45am (normal time being 8.30am). Since Gayatri and her husband kept watching episodes of a TV series previous evening, they obviously went to bed late. But Gayatri's day begins once she is up in the morning and then there is no break in her work. Since she got …

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Some people seriously are just born as critics. I feel whenever we give feedback it must be in a way that motivates the person to perform better rather than feel guilty about mistakes or failure. Especially when it is your family it kind of becomes more sensitive... Because they are the ones we look upto... …

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My Life is like….

My life is like below poetry, not as a whole but the poetry resembles to every phase of the life... एका तळ्यात होती बदके पिले सुरेख होते कुरुप वेडे पिल्लू तयांत एक कोणी न त्यास घेई खेळावयास संगे सर्वाहुनी निराळे ते वेगळे तरंगे दावूनि बोट त्याला, म्हणती हसून लोक आहे कुरुप वेडे पिल्लू तयांत एक …

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