The Cigarette

Gayatri and her husband went to a newly opened restaurant for lunch.

Raj: We should have sat on the other table. This table is in the middle of everything.

Gayatri: Yeah. But there’s no other table for two. All are bigger ones.

Just then Gayatri finds a table in the open area…

Gayatri: Look there is a table. But it’s in open area… It will be too hot there…

Raj: (Looking at the open area) Outside no way…. Hey look that girl is smoking (shocked and surprised)

Gayatri: (Thinks a little) Oh my God, look… That guy is smoking too…

Raj: (With a confused look) But that GIRL is smoking….

Gayatri: Yeah… That’s what I’m saying… That GUY is smoking…

Raj still makes a confused face and cuts the topic off… Probably also realises what Gayatri wanted to say…

Why is it so different for girls or women when they do same things that boys or men do… I agree smoking is no good for health whether it is a man or a woman.

But the point here is for years male component of the society behave as if they have legal license to do all sorts of bad things without any trials or guilt…. And at the same time female component is forced to stay as so called “sophisticated”… As they (I mean the great society of ours) think…


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