It is ‘Okay’ to complain sometimes, it helps people to understand where they are going wrong and how you feel about it. But it is wrong to keep on complaining every time or complain without first acknowledging the current efforts taken to improve.

There is always a softer, lenient way or the right way at ‘Right Time’ to tell people that they are wrong and that it is hurting others… Just because you are not yelling or being harsh while complaining does not mean you are uplifting the person, the timing equally should be considered…

It is said in Marathi –

“निंदकाचे घर असावे शेजारी ”

हे खरं जरी असलं तरी निंदकाचे घर शेजारीच असले पाहिजे घरात निंदक नको….


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